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About Us


SUM Solutions is an Italian brand owned by One Less Van, a part of Alete Bikes. Alete Bikes is an industrial group active in the bike industry, which includes DENVER Srl, Cicli Esperia SpA, and OneLessVan Srl. SUM Solutions is a cutting-edge brand specialized in the production of innovative and versatile urban bikes. Our mission is to promote sustainable mobility by providing ideal solutions for families and businesses. Our urban bikes not only make family transportation more ecological and enjoyable but also represent an optimal choice to meet the last-mile logistics and efficient delivery needs. In a world increasingly congested by urban traffic, SUM Solutions’ urban bikes prove to be a practical and cost-effective solution. With their agility and the ability to escape traffic jams, they become a valuable ally for city mobility. By eliminating the need for expensive parking and minimizing environmental impact, SUM Solutions’ urban bikes represent the future of mobility.

What we do

In the process of designing SUM Solutions’ urban bikes, we are committed to creating tailored solutions for both cyclists and businesses. Every urban bike we produce is the result of careful targeted design, aiming to maximize comfort, versatility, and efficiency.

Our engineers and designers work closely with cyclists and businesses, deeply immersed in understanding daily challenges and opportunities for improvement. This user-centric approach allows us to develop urban bikes that stand out for their practicality, reliability, and aesthetics.

We are here to provide solutions on two, three, and four wheels that optimally meet the needs of both families and businesses.


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