In collaboration with partners specialized in the cycle-logistics industry, SUM will realize the pilot action of the European TRACE project, financed by Horizon Europe program, with two SUM X Cargo Bikes which will operate in two self-driving modes.

Since 1st June 2023 the objective of the TRACE Project (Integration & Harmonization of Logistics Operations), entirely financed by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe program (Safe, Resilient Transport and Smart Mobility services for passengers and goods), has been the promotion of intelligent services’ adoption to increase the performance of different transport modes of goods and related synchromodal operations, including through the creation of physical and virtual microhubs, and the use of self-driving vehicles.

This will optimize logistics operations in terms of costs, lead times, emissions and fuel needs, thanks to cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and Blockchain.

The program includes pilot actions to test innovative logistics business models that will implement intelligent services for optimizing performance and reducing the environmental impact of the delivery of goods in the city.

SUM Solutions will implement, together with Unimore, the City of Modena and Urbico, the Italian USE CASE, providing Cargo Bikes which will operate in two self-driving modes:

  • Platooning, the ability to proceed in a row at low speed following the first Cargo Bike driven by a Bike Messenger;
  • Follow Me, the possibility of following the “postman” when he moves on foot from house to house.

To realize this condition of use we are equipping a new version of the SUM X quadricycle with a self-driving system which permits to:

  • check all vehicle functions;
  • move independently in an urban environment;
  • interface in the Cloud with the TRACE system for integrated information management of the entire logistics chain.

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